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Right out of art school, my friend called and said she needed to talk because her husband had left her with two small children to raise. I went to her house and sat on her bathroom floor and painted flowers and birds on her ball and claw bathtub, while she Talked about her problems and cried.


We shared tea and I dipped my paintbrush in my tea cup a few times because I was so sad listening to her. The art took a few weeks to complete and it cheered her up.  Without my knowing it, she sent a picture of the tub to the "NY Times" and my painting ran in Enid Nemy's "Discoveries" column.

It launched my career. I got calls from all over the country and soon magazines were contacting me for new projects I could supply them. for feature stories.

“NY Times” Enid Nemy’s “Discoveries” column article launched my career.

Featured in “House Beautiful” six times

Long articles in “Women’s Day”
“Entertainment” magazine

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Gail Steves, editor of "Woman's Day Specials," commissioned me to paint this trope l'oeil "his & her" bookcase on sliding closet doors. It represents their individual interests as a newly married couple. 

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Images from a six-page spread in Woman's Day.

unnamed (2).jpg

Images from a six-page spread in Woman's Day.

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Top left: Three-page spread, Paint Decor magazine.

Top right: Voted best room in Guilford, CT showcase house. 

Lower right: Two-page spread commissioned and created overnight. 

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Faux glass door with shelves.


Faux carpet on dining room floor.


Faux garden room with faux lattice and garden scenes in hallway.


Fantasy bicycle tour of France in powder room.


Faux marquetry on foyer floor.


Faux fireplace with faux Delft tile in kids' bedroom.


Faux panorama garden view in hallway.

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