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Category: Watercolor

Variation:  Original 4" x 5" , 8" x 10"

Condition: New

Type: Archival Giclee Watercolor

Production technique: printed with one inch border Giclee on watercolor paper using watercolor paints and pencils

Subject: Angel with eyes closed in prayer

Style: Tonalist

Features: signed by artist

Material: Giclee watercolor paper

Time Period Produced: 2019

Culture: American

Region of Origin:USA

Description: Loose and heartfelt rendition of angel with hands on her temple

Sales tax 10.25% California sales tax

Free Shipping and Handling

Note Printer requires two to three week time frame on custom orders

Package weight and dimensions Priority envelope 16 oz


Angel of Grace


    All artwork is archival and custom printed so allow two to three weeks for shipment delivery

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